After one sustains an injury, the first course of action is to get the proper treatment for that particular injury and the next course of action is for the patient to go to a physiotherapist. Now, a physiotherapist is actually a movement specialist who focuses on the patient’s mobility after they’ve sustained an injury which might have the chance of hindering movement.

Physiotherapy is the practice of physical treatment in case of any injury or trauma. The treatment involves various assessments and diagnoses in order to ensure the best course of action from here on out.

When one sustains a musculoskeletal or an MSK injury, the primary care they need is from a physiotherapist. All else comes after. One does not even need their doctor’s recommendation to visit a physiotherapist.

Now, before any physiotherapist starts a treatment, their job is to carefully examine their patient’s entire medical history so as not to take a course of action that might have adverse effects on the patient. This is also done to rule out any physical limitations. After the therapist has looked over and assessed all this useful information, they can now decide the sort of treatment the patient would be administered.

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