In-Home Physiotherapy

In the entire Niagara Falls area, ours is the facility that’s not only state of the art but also greatly considerate toward each and every person who reaches us. There is no doubt that our facility treats patients who come to us with the utmost care, but there are some who can’t reach us. Thus, we take extra measures to provide them with the best care possible within their own home.

Our professionals would provide all sorts of in-home treatments including sports physiotherapy, orthopedic therapy and whatever condition our patients are suffering from.

However, there will be a worrisome factor among many patients – since they are unable to visit the facility and their treatment is mostly in-home, they will not be able to experience the best treatment. However, that is not the case at all, so you can put your worries to rest. Our professionals make sure that whatever tools are needed for the recovery of the patient must be available to them, even if they are getting treatment in their home. They also prepare schedules and programs for them for the best possible training after their sustained injury.

Our professionals are also very endearing, which helps speed up the recovery process as well since a positive environment brings positive vibes that assists in the wellbeing of the patient.

In-home therapy includes knee, elbow, shoulder, hip and any other joint physiotherapy plus training exercises that would help the patient get their strength back.

While this kind of therapy is predominantly home-based, for certain activities, the patient is also taken outdoors as a change in environment often proves beneficial.

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