Sports Therapy

At our facility, our top priority is to treat athletes who come to us in a way that they leave the facility happy and in the same condition as they were before they sustained any injury. Our highly skilled sports therapists conduct programs for the patients that would prove beneficial for them. This includes providing a clear education as to what their injury actually is and what course of action they should be taking for the best recovery.


Post-Operation Rehabilitation

After an orthopedic surgical procedure, every patient needs to go through certain therapeutic training that would help them get back on their feet and in shape again. It is quite necessary or else the patient’s movements to what it was before could not be restored. Some of the most common injuries that require post-op therapy are joint replacements, be it partial or total. Major fractures and various other traumas that have chances of hindering the mobility of your limbs would also need therapy.


Women’s Health Programs

Believe it or not, women are more prone to sustaining orthopedic or muscle-related injuries or complications. Therefore, our women’s health program focuses on all sorts of female-related issues such as pregnancy pains, sports rehabilitation or post-op physiotherapy. A woman needs a different sort of treatment than a man, so we also have trained female professionals to help them overcome their predicament without any issues.

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