About Us

This is one of the most efficient physiotherapy units in the Niagara Falls area in Canada. The facility provides extensive care to patients who’ve endured serious orthopedic, sports and tissue injuries. This is a high-end facility that focuses on not only the patients who arrive here but also the ones who are home bound. Thus, our in-home patient unit provides just as much care as our on-site team.

Our experienced professionals are trained to assist in all sorts of ortho, physio or even sports injuries. At this facility, our first and foremost priority is to cater to our patient’s needs and give them the best healing experience possible.

Our therapists here specialize in all sorts of injuries such as knee, elbow, hip, and joints. Our facility has high-end, state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to deal with each patient according to their needs and takes the best course of action.

Our utmost care is not just for the patients who arrive at our facility. We help people in need even if they are unable to visit the facility. Our professionals would gladly go to them and provide them with extensive care. Therefore, our in-home services are known to be some of the best services around the state.

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